A Note About Our Wine List...

The name Theory encapsulates the spirit of exploration in which we approach the practices and the possibilities of wine and music alike.

On our wine list, sure, you'll find familiar varietals (types of grapes used in wine making) from well-known regions of the world.

However, we aim to intrigue and delight you with less-common, off-the-beaten-path varietals and blends from, yes, Napa and Chianti, but also from far more surprising locales.

Regarding the practices of wine making (and wine serving)...

Here's more of what we're about at Theory:

  • Showcasing small-production/boutique wineries from all over the globe

  • Focus on wine produced via sustainable agriculture...

  • ...including excellent natural, organic & biodynamic wines

  • Wine-on-tap & wine dispensing/preservation systems to ensure you get a perfect pour every time, and experience it just as the vintner intended...

  • ...which also enables us to offer by-the-glass pours of higher-end wines normally relegated to the by-the-bottle only category!

Whether you're a certified (or certifiable) cork dork, or someone who just knows they prefer white to red wine, we'll gently guide you in a solid direction. Ultimately, however, we're here to learn and explore alongside you.


(Oh, and we will offer a rotating selection of New England craft beer for those who prefer lager to Liebfraumilch.)

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